Why are TPU resin granular?
August 26 , 2022

Except for semi-finished TPU are blocks, most TPU on the market are granular. The shape of TPU particles usually been shaped as cylindrical strip and grain-like granule. The particle size is generally 2mm*3mm. TPU granules are produced by underwater extrusion granulation.

Why are most TPU plastic granular? Below detail analysis for your reference.

1. Easy to use and production

The granules can make the material evenly heated, uniformly plasticized, conveniently subsequent mixing with other additives.

The granule smooth the material feeding in the hopper when production. Maybe powder is more easier to feeding in the hopper, but its’ loss is quite larger than granule during the transportation and processing.

2. Convenient transportation and easy storage

Powder with larger surface area make it more easier to absorb moisture and more easier to agglomerate. So it is harder to storage TPU powder than TPU granule. Compared with TPU granule, It’s harder to carry TPU block. It will take more time and manpower to carry TPU block. TPU granule can be easily packed as same bags. It’s more easier to sale TPU and transport TPU bags by bags, pellets by pellets.

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