How to prevent the agglomeration of soft TPU particles
August 19 , 2022

TPU particles agglomeration make the material feeding difficult and greatly influence the efficiency of injection production. TPU particles agglomeration is more easier happen in soft TPU particles in summer high room temperature environment.

TO prevent the agglomeration of soft TPU particles, TPU manufacturer factory can take following measure when packing at the production.

1.Packing after granules been fully cooled. It must be lower than 50℃ before pack.

2.Packing after granules been fully dry. Moisture content must be lower than 500 ppm before pack.

3.As TPU particles agglomeration is occurs more frequently at the bottom layer which stand with the maximum pressure of the pallets. So the higher the pallets packed the bottom layer TPU granule will more easier agglomerate. It is recommend to not pack more than 8 layers.

AS TPU pallets that export to foreign country must withstand the high temperature of container which may reach at 60~70℃, the export TPU pallets is easier to agglomerate in container. So it is recommend to use container with constant temperature when export TPU.

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